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How it works

Enter your address

Enter the postcode and select the address of the property where the emergency is taking place

Select the problem

Quickly find the problem and review call-out costs, this includes the first hour

Monitor real-time ETA

Once a local tradesperson has accepted the job, you can monitor their journey, review their profile and contact them, in-app

End the job

Once the emergency has been made safe or issue identified, the tradesperson and yourself must end the job in-app to authorise payment

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the service work?

The service is available on the Just Paddle app. Once installed, select Emergency Service from the side menu, complete three quick steps and we'll immediately alert nearby tradespeople of your emergency. Once a tradesperson accepts the job, you can review their profile, monitor their journey and contact them. When the emergency has been made safe or issue identified, the tradesperson will end the job in their app. This action triggers a popup to appear in your app, asking you to confirm. If you agree, we will close the job and pay the tradesperson within 14 days. If you disagree, we will hold your payment and support the tradesperson and yourself through a dispute process.

How do i pay?

You pay in-app using a debit or credit card. We hold payment until you confirm the emergency has been made safe or issue identified.

What happens if it takes longer than an hour?

Most emergencies are made safe or issue identified within the hour. If a tradesperson suggests it could take longer, it is between yourself and the tradesperson to agree costs beyond the first hour.

Can I cancel a call-out?

Yes, you can cancel up until the tradesperson has started their journey.

Do I get charged for cancelling?

If you cancel the emergency job after the tradesperson has started their journey, you will get charged £35

What if i'm not happy with the work or tradesperson?

We provide you with the opportunity to dispute a job and provide feedback in-app. Furthermore you can contact us here for further assistance