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Paddle offers advertising opportunities for businesses of all sizes and budgets, putting you in front of a network of active and engaged tradespeople and homeowners. If your brand is looking for exciting ways to reach new audiences, our team is waiting to hear from you to discuss your specific requirements. By advertising with Paddle you’re guaranteed to make a splash, so get on-board today.

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Trades in the Paddle network are predominantly operations comprising one to ten people, mostly male, and usually working to tight budgets. Their business involves spending money to buy parts and equipment from merchants, meaning they travel a lot and spend time in unfamiliar towns. Through working regularly with other trades, Paddle tradespeople will often recommend suppliers to each other, relying on word-of-mouth to make smart business decisions.

Paddle’s homeowners are a varied pool of potential customers. They cover a diverse range of genders, backgrounds and ages, though most are above the age of 30. They are first time buyers and new movers, as well as established homeowners making improvements to their property. Paddle’s customers also include private landlords who own and manage a small number of properties. The possibilities for this group are vast, and they represent an excellent prospect for marketers of all sizes.

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